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The Naga Central School 1 is the biggest and the oldest public elementary central school in Naga City reaching its 100 year of existence in the service of the school children of the city and suburbs since it was founded in 1911.

History translates every innovation and development, the central school underwent since time immemorial. Teachers and principals come and go and so with its pupils produced in every 6 years within its centenary. Notable persons with its distinct roles in the society; Engineers, lawyers, nurses, government officials and the like mention NCS 1 as their roots.

Development is unstoppable coupled with its burgeoning population in terms of pupils to an equivalent increase in number of teachers. Hence, the need arises in every aspect especially the number of physical facilities and structures and the need for repairs and renovations and still additional number of rooms poses a great problem reaching 50-55 pupils ratio per class per teacher; a number way out of proportion to its standard requirement.

On the one hand, two incidence of fire in separate occasions raged the very old Marcos building in the year 2008 and the 2 - storey Marcos type building which just recently occurred last September 13, 2010, respectively due to the very old wirings installed in those buildings. On the other hand, a new 2 – storey Lapus building was erected through the help of the national government which is now operational.

On a lighter note, through all the years, the NCS1 has maintained excellence in academics and non- academic performance. It is the only notable school to have the first Principal III item in years. Moreover, the school produced one (1) National Outstanding Teacher (Metro Bank), and three (3) principals from among the competitive 75 teachers.

The school has sustained its prestige both in academic and non-academic performance and obtained remarkable awards, to wit: Most Child Friendly School for two consecutive years; National Champion in Read-a-Thon Contest; Champion, National Science Quiz Bee held in Palawan and Tabaco City; over-all champion in Drum/Lyre and Majorette Corps competition in three consecutive years; Jarchitecture Champion in the region , Sales Inventory National STEP Competition.
It hosted various national, regional and local events in the division of Naga City.

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